I See Things Differently

“Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together”
– Vincent Van Gogh –

My journey in styling started with fashion. I seemed to be able to look at people, clothing, surroundings, anything really and somehow see things differently. I loved the idea that by simply adding a small extra element you could transform anything. In its simplest form I love to put things together, and so fashion organically led to art direction. This idea stretches from dressing women and men, to designing bespoke handmade accessories, all the way to curating the perfect shot for all different types of clients. Seeing things differently paired with being a perfectionist ultimately led me to being creative across so many different fields.

Fashion Styling

What is fashion to you? To me, it is subjectivity personified! Merging subjectivity with client brief can be a challenge, however it is one I thrive on and love!

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Art Direction

From pots and pans to luxurious confectionary, beauty really is in the styling. Working with clients to bring their vision to life is a creative journey I love embarking on.

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