Sarah to Sarah Ann Styles

My journey is one of a Marketing Manager in London to finding myself back in Johannesburg 10 years later living my passion.

I am a perfectionist. In every sense of the word. I absolutely love to curate and create beautiful imagery. Whether it is designing bespoke accessories, on set doing makeup, or curating content for social media – I am most happy when being creative. I pride myself in putting my heart and soul into every piece of work I produce. And this is where I believe my strength lies; in my ability to mesh my perfectionist nature with a passionate eye for creating something beautiful. Styling has always come naturally to me and my love for fashion grew from a hobby to a business when I delved into online retail. From there, my personal styling client base grew and naturally, with the experience gained, corporate clients followed. I further extended my skill set by studying makeup artistry at The Glauca Rossi School of Make Up in Soho, London. The next step was to create a space to showcase all my loves… so welcome to it!