My SAS sunglass chain journey came about simply from not being able to find what I was looking for and thinking — “I’m pretty sure I can make that!” – and so I did!

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Creativity is key to who I am. From styling amazing humans to styling the perfect flat lay. From creating a natural face to fashioning a bold make up statement. From the conceptual designing to the making of statement accessories!

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Whether you’re looking for your perfect bespoke piece or merely browsing, get ready to be done up in the most fabulous way!


Seeing things differently paired with being a perfectionist and having a creative streak pulsing through me ultimately led me to delve into more than one vocation. I love that I’m not limited to just one field.

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I love to work alongside amazing women to create something wonderful. I’m here to add to what women already have not subtract by ‘caking’ layers on to an already perfect foundation.

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